Introducing GuaranTV

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GuaranTV is a social network that allows you to send and receive movie and TV show recommendations.

Discover Your Next Binge

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Picture this: your friends guarantee a movie or a binge-worthy show, and bam! A notification pops up right away. It’s like your entertainment radar getting a high-five, making sure you’re in the loop. So, stay tuned and keep those notifications on—it’s show time with your crew.

Share Your Favs

When you drop a movie or show guarantee, your friends get a notification about your pick. It’s like the virtual confetti of entertainment choices, making it super easy for your friends to join the fun and dive and share their blockbuster guarantees.

With GuaranTV You Can…

  • Track Activity

    Keep track of the movies and shows you’ve watched.
  • Get Recomendations

    When your friends Guarantee a movie or show you will automatically be notified.
  • Add To Lists

    Simply add the movies or shows you want to watch to your watchlist.
  • Give Recomendations

    When you Guarantee a movie or show your network will automatically be notified about your recommendation.

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