We are GuaranTV

guaranteevee ]

A social network that allows you to send and receive movie and TV show recommendations! 🎬✨

Our goal is to help you enjoy binge-watching without the hassle. No more endless searching – just more time for watching TV. We connect you with your friends who will reccomend movies and shows they Guarantee that you’ll like.

At GuaranTV – we’re flipping the script on how you discover the best movies and shows. No Robot AI recommendations here – it’s all about real suggestions from your friends. Our team is all in, working hard to make your TV time a blast!

If you’re as hyped as we are about giving and getting real recommendations. Get the GuaranTV social networking app and join the fun! 📱✨


John - CEO
Andrew - CIO
Tom - CTO
Joe - CFO

* Just a heads up – those pics aren’t the actual founders. We’re keeping it fun with celebrity faces, but the names and titles? Totally legit! 🕵️‍♂️✨