Top 5 Love Stories for Summer Love

Ready for some summertime romance? Here are the top picks to make your heart flutter.


A Beautiful Life (2023)

Release date: June 1, 2023
Rating: TM-MA| Genre: Drama, Music & Romance

Meet Elliott, a charming fisherman with a voice that’ll make your heart sing. When music manager Suzanne discovers him, she pairs him up with her daughter, Lilly, a talented music producer. As Elliott rises to fame, his past threatens to derail not just his career but also his budding romance with Lilly.


Forever My Girl (2018)

Release date: January 19, 2018
Rating: PG | Romance and Musical

Liam Page, a country music sensation, left his sweetheart Josie at the altar in pursuit of stardom. But fame couldn’t erase his love for Josie or his roots in his small Southern hometown. When he returns for a friend’s funeral, he’s forced to confront the consequences of his past actions and the love he left behind.


The Best of Me (2014)

Initial release: October 17, 2014
Rating: R | Romance & Drama

Amanda and Dawson were teenage sweethearts torn apart by circumstance. Two decades later, they reunite at the funeral of a dear friend, reigniting a love that never truly died. But old wounds resurface, threatening their second chance at happiness. Based on Nicholas Sparks’ novel.


After (2019)

Initial release: April 12, 2019
Rating: PG-13 | Romance & Drama

Tessa Young’s life is turned upside down when she meets Hardin Scott, a rebellious figure who challenges everything she thought she knew. As she navigates college life and newfound desires, Tessa must confront her own identity and what she truly wants from life.


A Star is Born (2018)

Release date: October 5, 2018
Rating: R | Romance & Musical

Jackson Maine, a seasoned musician, discovers Ally, a struggling artist with a voice like no other. Together, they chase Ally’s dreams of stardom. But as her career rises, their relationship faces its own challenges, with Jackson battling his inner demons.

Get ready to swoon with these enchanting tales of love and second chances 💕

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